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  1. BMW E30 3 Series 325i Size, Dimensions, Aerodynamics and Weight : Num. of Doors : 4 : Wheelbase : 257 cm or 101.18 inches : Length : 432.5 cm or 170.28 inche
  2. BMW 3-Series E30 specifications: versions & types. BMW model 3-Series E30 belongs to entry-level luxury / compact executive car class. Represents the D (large cars) market segment. The car was offered with 2/4-door sedan, station wagon, convertible body shapes between the years 1982 and 1994. A major change (face lift) during a model run.
  3. BMW 3 series E30 history and specs. The BMW E30 is an entry-level luxury car which was produced by BMW from 1982 to 1994. The initial models used the coupe (two-door sedan) body style. Four-door sedan models were introduced in 1983, convertibles were introduced in 1985 and estate (Touring) models were introduced in 1987
  4. Choose a BMW E30 3 Series version from the list below to get information about engine specs, horsepower, CO2 emissions, fuel consumption, dimensions, tires size, weight and many other facts. Notice also the plus sign to access the comparator tool where you can compare up to 3 cars at once side by side
  5. This BMW 3 Series E30 318is model was produced in the period between Sep-1989 and Jun-1991 model years. Equipped with straight 4 petrol (gasoline) engine with 1795 ccm capacity it produces 136 Hp and 100 kW power at 6000 rpm and 172 Nm torque at 4600 rpm with top claim speed 202 km/h and acceleration 0-100 km/h in 9,9

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The E30 was available with a range of 4- and 6-cylinder engines to entice both the frugal and the frivolous. The most humble of these was the early 316, which featured a carbureted 4-cylinder M10 engine, while the most powerful standard car was the 325i, with its 6-cylinder M20. As the E30 developed, more powerful variants evolved Even with only 200lbs removed, you can really feel the increased acceleration. Weight reduction is extremely effective, and in an E30, very easy. The rear seats are held in by only two bolts. The front passenger seat is held in by four bolts. Together the seats weight 75-100 lbs The pinnacle of BMW design came with the E30 - if I conveniently ignore the i8, anyway. Back to the 1980's, and the E30, then. Produced from 1982 to 1994, the second generation 3-series came.

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The weight Drew325is posted for the aluminum M52 is a lot less than what BMW gives it as. And going by the BMW weights, the N52 is less than the aluminum M52. So i'd say it's at least 70 lbs since that's the difference between his M20 and aluminum M52. And that's assuming the N52 is the same as the alu M52 The BMW E30 is a compact executive car with rear-wheel-drive layout (except the all-wheel-drive 325iX) produced by BMW.The BMW M3 was first introduced on the E30 platform. The E30 was released in 1982 and replaced by the BMW E36 in 1992. BMW continued to produce the cabriolet (convertible) E30 well into 1993 and the touring until 1994 In 1982 BMW showed the second generation of its small, two-door, compact vehicle, the 3-Series. The E30 was considered a milestone in the German car-manufacturer. Its design was simple. The straigh.. 1988 BMW 325i Touring: The BMW 325i Touring is an estate/station wagon with 5 doors and a front mounted engine which supplies its power through the rear wheels. The 325i Touring is part of BMW's E30 family of cars. Power is produced by a single overhead camshaft, 2.5 litre naturally aspirated 6 cylinder engine, with 2 valves per cylinder that produces power and torque figures of 168 bhp (170.

BMW E30 je druhá generácia automobilov strednej triedy radu 3, ktorá bola vyrábaná v rokoch 1982 až 1994 nemeckou automobilkou BMW.Vyrábala sa s pohonom zadných kolies (okrem modelu 325iX s pohonom 4 × 4).Takisto aj vrcholná verzia BMW M3 bola prvýkrát uvedená s generáciou E30.. Generácia E30 bola uvedená v roku 1982 a v roku 1990 ju nahradila generácia E36 E30. BMW produced the E30 from 1982 to 1993, and initially only produced it as a coupe. But, as the years went on the introduced the Sedan, Convertible, and the Estate (Wagon). Most E30's came with the standard 4-cylinder, which isn't a bad engine, but doesn't really compare to the 6-cylinder All specifications, performance and fuel economy data of BMW 325is (125 kW / 170 PS / 168 hp), edition of the year 1989 since mid-year 1988 for North America U.S., including acceleration times 0-60 mph, 0-100 mph, 0-100 km/h, 0-200 km/h, quarter mile time, top speed, mileage and fuel economy, power-to-weight ratio, dimensions, drag coefficient, etc

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The 318is was the entry-level economy E30, built with a minimalist focus on lightness, which, thanks to a paltry option list, gave it a 300-pound weight advantage over the M3 (2,600 versus 2,900 pounds) The BMW E30 M3 took part in 6 consecutive editions between 1987 and 1992 achieving the glory every year except 1989 (Ford) and 1991 (Nissan). What's more, the M3 was in the top 3 every year except in 1991. It is especially remarkable the 1992 edition when Steve Soper won with its Bigazzi M3 over Van de Poele's Schnitzer M3 by only half a. The E30 3 Series was considered to be one of the best driving cars on the market, and certainly the best BMW, so when the M3 debuted, fans went crazy for it. The same can be said about the M2

You have found the definitive source for information and discussion of BMW's legendary e30 3-series sedan. Take some time and look around, and visit our many forums. If you are new, please make use of the search feature before you ask a question. Enjoy your stay. Welcome to R3Vlimited So drive an E30 everyday :rofl: 1989 325iC Alpineweiss II manual 5 speed Curent ride :thumbup: 1990 325i Glacier Blue 4 door Auto, 1987 X 2 (Black 325ic convertable & Granite silver 325i coup) Gone but never forgotten :tsk Mit dem Werkscode BMW E30 werden die Fahrzeuge der zweiten 3er-Reihe von BMW bezeichnet. Das von dieser Baureihe abgeleitete Modell Z1 Roadster trug den gleichen Werkscode.. Der E30 wurde in wesentlich mehr Varianten als der nur zweitürig angebotene Vorgänger BMW E21 produziert. Die zweite 3er-Reihe kam Ende 1982 auf den Markt und war ab September 1983 auch als Viertürer erhältlich Weight, kg (lbs) ~175 (386) Fuel consumption, L/100 km (mpg) BMW 325i E30 BMW 525i E34 BMW Z1: BMW M20B25 engine reliability, problems and repair. BMW M20B25 straight 6-cylinder engine was developed on base of low displacement. Less weight behind rear axle means faster response. >Duhh dey wey da same They are also 60kg lighter than full size with the same engines and trim (318is is the most apples for apples). A missing boot, smaller diff and completely different rear suspension will do that. >>23130734 Yep! 318ti = GOAT Drive a E30, E36 and a compact you will see.

BMW E30 3 Series: on the road Unmolested E30s are harder to find these days A good E30 should feel tight, smooth and safe, with an excellent surge of performance from the sportier models, though weight precludes ultimate hot-hatch level acceleration BMW had build several e30 for special markets... Italy e30 M3 version with only 2.0l and 192hp(incl cat.) build between 1987-1990 based on the real S14 M3 engine it was powered by the S14B20 and was sold as 320is greece and former yougoslavia e30 316i with only 75hp..only avaible there

The BMW M3 E30 wasn't really planned. It came into being thanks to a particular Group A motorsport regulation that meant that in order to homologate its M3 racing model for touring car championship events, BMW M also had to build 5,000 units of a road-legal version 1986 BMW 325e E30 Performance & Specification Summary This BMW 3 Series 325e was produced from 1986 to 1987. It is part of the E30 generation 3 Series. It's a facelift of the 1985 BMW 325e and was itself facelifted in 1987 with the 1987 BMW 320i. It's a rear-wheel drive front-engined medium saloon with a choice of 2-4 doors & 5 seats Can you provide us the final specifications on your E30? (range, 0-60, ¼ mile time, charge time, weight items like that. Think providing a window sticker) Range should be about 100 miles if I drive sanely, which I don't ever. So realistically maybe 50-60 miles 1986 BMW 325i: The 325i is a rear wheel drive saloon (sedan) road car with a front located engine, produced by BMW. It is part of BMW's E30 range of cars. The BMW 325i's engine is a naturally aspirated petrol, 2.5 litre, single overhead camshaft 6 cylinder with 2 valves per cylinder. It develops 169 bhp (171 PS/126 kW) of power at 5800 rpm, and maximum torque of 226 N·m (167 lb·ft/23 kgm) at.

BMW E30 driving BMW Few BMWs have attracted the same widespread affection from enthusiasts as the E30-generation 3 Series. Built between 1982 and 1994 (depending on the market), this small and square style icon was the entry point to yuppie-dom for thousands—and for many more, it was their gateway to the pleasures of European driving dynamics mg e30 · Too new to know better I actually wanted to find out the weight of different style BMW alloys. To Do List: (Items further down the list are pending lottery win)! Water pump, thermostat and reservoir. Beisan vanos seals. Passenger side doors and door aperture seals. Rear quarter panel and passenger side sill The E28 also used the small case diff, which can be fitted to the E30, but the rear cover and output flanges must be changed to 325i E30 items. Long ratio diffs from 525e's might be useful for engine swappers and are more easily obtainable than the long ratio E30 units Starting with the E30 M3 S14 engine as a base line then the E36 M3 S50 was/is 32.4% better at producing horse power per cylinder. E30 M3 S14 baseline. E36 M3 S50 32.4% pc improvement. E46 M3 S54 36.5% pc improvement. E90 M3 S65 48.6% pc improvement. The power to weight ratio of the M engines average 2.14hp/1kg Brintech are the experts in engine swaps, specialising in BMW E30, E36, and E46 conversions using the M52B25, M52B28, M54B30, LS1, LS2 and much more

The BMW M3 is a high-performance version of the BMW 3 Series, developed by BMW's in-house motorsport division, BMW M GmbH.M3 models have been produced for every generation of 3 Series since the E30 M3 was introduced in 1986. The initial model was available in a coupé body style, with a convertible body style added soon after. M3 Sedans were available during the E36 (1994-1999) and E90 (2008. Engine oil weight. 5W-30, 5W-40, 10W-40, 15W-50. Engine oil capacity, liter. 4.0. Oil change interval, mile. 6,000 (10,000 km) or 12 month. Applications. BMW 318i E30, BMW 318i E36, BMW 518i E34. M40B18 Engine Problems and Reliability. 1. The main problem is with a timing belt. It wears very fast and becomes a reason for bent valves. Try to.

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  1. Inboard our budget BMW e30 325i September 2010 at the Nordschleife. 8:28,44 BTG: Driver: Martin. The car have a original engine and raceready weight with f..
  2. Given how beloved the E30 is now, it's hard to believe that when the second-gen BMW 3-series launched, it was received with critical apathy. That's primarily because this 3-series didn't mature.
  3. If the number of fresh faces I've recently seen driving BMW's early 3-Series is a reliable guide the E30 has to be one of the coolest drives in town. With clean sporty looks, spirited performance and competent handling and braking, the E30 3-Series is seen as a cool alternative to the popular Japanese models that are beginning to lose some of their gloss in the eyes of young drivers
  4. After deciding to enter Touring Car and DTM racing, BMW supported a program for the E30 BMW in 1987. To satisfy homologation purposes 500 road-going examples of the car had to be produced. Later these cars became the most successful touring car from BMW
  5. As the simplicity, boxy shape, and light weight of the BMW E30 steadily gains popularity with enthusiasts on a budget, we keep finding interesting ways to mo..
  6. E30 vs 190E Cosworth. What are the actual specs? Launched in '86 the M3 features the 2.3-litre four-cylinder 'S14' engine, which shares its cast iron block with the humble M10 motor mated to.
  7. um: 3.0 lbs: $450.00: Available Finishes Alu

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II (E30) [1982. 1994]: 315 74hp 316i 98hp 318i 111hp 318is 134hp 320i 127hp 324d 84hp 324td 114hp 325i 168hp 325iX 168hp M3 2.3 192hp M3 2.3 197hp M3 2.3 212hp M3 EVO I 217hp BMW 3 Series 1989 31 Engine oil weight. 0W-30, 0W-40, 5W-30, 5W-40, 10W-40, 15W-50. Engine oil capacity, liter. 4.0. Oil change interval, mile. 9,000 (15,000 km) or 12 month. Applications. BMW 316i E30, BMW 316i E36. M40B16 Engine Problems and Reliability. All M40 series engines are quite good. Lifespan is about 180-200 thousand mileage. But of course, the M40B16.

The BMW S14 is a straight-4 DOHC piston engine which was used in the E30 M3. It is based on the M10 block and the M88 head with two cylinders removed. The successor to the S14 is the S50 six-cylinder engine (since it was used in the following M3) Története. Az E30 volt a BMW E21 utódja 1982-ben, majd 1992-ben felváltotta a BMW E36 széria. A BMW azonban folytatta az E30 kabrió gyártását, egészen 1993-ig.Az E30 Touringot (kombi) 1994-ig gyártották, majd ezt is az E36 kombi váltotta fel.A M3 kabriót Észak-Amerikában sohasem forgalmazták, ezt a típust csak az európai piacra gyártották You'll want to familiarize yourself with Redux, a UK-based company that's busy readying what it says is the E30 M3 that BMW should have built, a more extreme Lightweight model. The resulting nine cars will be called the Redux E30 M3 Leichtbau Prototypes, all built to their owners' specifications from a road-legal donor E30 M3 We also provide a full kit for the original 4 stud E30 / 5 Stud E30 M3 suspension setup. Postage can be arranged at expense to the buyer. Buyers are also welcome to arrange their own postage and we are happy to supply the weight and dimensions of each package. Thank you for looking

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Search for new & used BMW 3 Series E30 cars for sale in Australia. Read BMW 3 Series E30 car reviews and compare BMW 3 Series E30 prices and features at carsales.com.au Of course, BMW delivered and made the E36 the most luxurious and comfortable 3-series yet. The E36 was available in a coupe, sedan, convertible, and a wagon model. BMW also produced the compact model which never sold well in the US but sold amazingly elsewhere. After the insane success of the E30 M3, BMW upped production a huge amount A quarter century since the last E30 rolled off the assembly line, that name — BMW E30 — has gone on to carry a lot of weight to a lot of people. Sure, there are still well-heeled old-timers who meticulously maintained their cars for all these years (mostly convertibles, it seems), but for the most part, the E30 has become the gateway drug.

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A rare unused new-old-stock BMW E30 M3 body shell has surfaced in Dallas The E30 M3 was the first M3, and regarded by many as the ultimate iteration. It was launched in 1985 as a homologation model to enable BMW to race in Group A Touring Cars, which required participating cars to share key components with a road car of which at least 5,000 variants had been produced E30 M3 Engine: S14, 2.3L naturally aspirated 4-banger Horsepower/Torque: 197hp / 177lb-ft 0-60mph: 6.5 seconds Top Speed: 146mph Curb Weight: Coupe = 2,568 lbs., Convertible = 2,998 lbs. Production: 5,300 produced in the US, with 185 sold in Canada, and the remaining 5,115 sold in the US.Approx. 16,000 were produced including European models. The E30 M3 is the simplest and purest M3 ever made. BMW M3 (E30) Engine In-line 4-cyl, ABSWheels 7 x 16in front and rearTyres 225/45 ZR16 front and rearWeight (kerb) 1165kgPower-to-weight 185bhp/ton0-60mph 6.6sec Top speed 147mph.

BMW introduced their brand new E30 automobile platform for a new generation 3 Series in 1982. Initially available in a 2-door coupe body style, the new 3 Series later received an all-new 4-door. New Version Turbo Manifold Kit For 84-91 BMW E30 E30 3-Series M20. CXRacing Turbo Manifold Downpipe Kit For 84-91 BMW E30 with Stock M20 Inline 6 Engine New R.. Item Code: TRB-KIT-BMW-E30-NEW-NOIC. $1,249.0

The BMW E30 is the second generation of BMW's 3-Series range, produced from 1982 - 1994. The E30 3-Series was available in Coupe, 4-door saloon, Convertible and Touring (Estate) form. The E30 was the first 3 series to be made available with a diesel engine and the first to be available in all-wheel-drive layout but the E30 is most famous. Changing brands/weights/etc. from oil change to oil change is worse than using one oil versus the another. Most BMW techs will vote Castrol GTX 20-50, but I'm a mobil 1 guy and use 0-40 based on higher mileage (which using a light weight oil decreases resistance across internal components)

Dry weight, kg (lbs) ~113 (249) Fuel consumption, L/100 km (mpg) BMW 320i E21 BMW 320i E30 BMW 520i E12 BMW 520i E28 BMW 520i E34: BMW M20B20 engine reliability, problems and repair. 6-cylinder straight BMW M20B20 engine was presented in 1977. It was introduced in order to replace its predecessor straight 4-cylinder engine and was the first. Description. This Stage 1 kits includes the basic components needed to mount your engine into your BMW E30. This consists of Sikky's industry leading motor mounts, trans mount, oil pan and driveshaft and is ideal for a do-it-yourself type who wants to source or fabricate their own headers, wiring and swap accessories 1989 BMW E30 M3 Sport Evolution Overall weight was reduced by 70kg compared with the normal four-door M3, despite the extra equipment fitted to the CRT. 2011 BMW E90 M3 CR OS Giken Superlock to suit BMW 188mm. 168mm - Found in E30 and E36 319i and 320i - Uses all taper bearings - 4-bolt side covers - 6-bolt rear cover - Uses 168mm type LSDs - Uses 168mm style ring and pinion sets - Two different carrier offsets depending on ring and pinion offset. OS Giken Superlock to suit BMW 168mm. 168mm - Found in E21 and 200

That leaves one option for increasing the horsepower of the E30: an engine swap. The later 3-series engines, the M50 and S50 family, are easy to swap into an E30. This car has an S50 from a pre-1996 E36 M3. Luckily for BMW enthusiasts, the company has used only a few different bellhousing bolt patterns and engine mount locations over the years So the E30 feels much more up on its toes, as if it's dancing. You're absolutely on it with lots of little control inputs. In Colin's car you feel that weight and it dumbs down responses I don't know why this indie guy said BMW recommends 0w30. My Bentley manual indicates that 15w40 would cover 95% of the ambient temperature range here in eastern Massachusetts, so the second indie shop is right on. I have only used 0.5-1 pint of the 0w30 (mixed with 10w30) so I think I'll be OK there. Thanks for the compliment on my E30 Filed to: BMW E30. BMW E30 E30 BMW M3 E30 In terms of size, weight, features, proportions and position in the marketplace, nearly all of today's entries in that segment—the Jaguar XE, the.

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[ More Info ] - 325 and 325e Sedan (1986-87) For vehicles built through 8/87. - 325, 325e and 325es Coupe (1986-87) For vehicles built through 8/87 Weight Reduction. BMW E30 SUNROOF DELETE $ 170.00. Weight Reduction. BMW E30 VENTED HOOD $ 360.00 - $ 650.00. Weight Reduction. BMW E36 COUPE LIGHTWEIGHT DOORS $ 600.00. Weight Reduction. BMW E36 SUNROOF DELETE $ 170.00. Weight Reduction. BMW E46 SUNROOF DELETE $ 170.00. tune your cliq. A small, professional team. Working on new products. Buy cheap Rear Lights for your BMW E30 online on the site onlinecarparts.co.uk. High-quality Tail lights for BMW E30 and other models

Bmw E30 Weight The bmw m3 is a high performance version of the 3 series developed by bmws in house motorsport division bmw m gmbh. The model range included coupe and convertible body styles as well as being the first 3 series to be produced in sedan and wagonestate body styles The BMW M3 (E30) 2.3 has a naturally aspirated four cylinders in line longitudinal front engine providing a maximum torque of 240 Nm available from 4750 rpm and a maximum power outpup of 200 PS available at 6750 rpm transmitted to the 15 inch rear wheels by a manual 5 speed gearbox. if a specification seems to be wrong, please tell u BMW 3 Series (E30 ) Overview with other E30 body styles being phased out of production until the final E30 model, a Touring, The excellent weight distribution. BMW 5 Series (E34) BMW 5-Series (E34 540i touring 1,800 kg (3,968 lb) Chronology BMW 5 Series (E39) The BMW E34 is the third generation of the BMW 5 Series Technical_ Information_ E30 Specifications. 318i (1984-1985) Curb weight: 2460 lbs (1984, manual) This site has no affiliation with BMW North America, BMW AG, BMW M GmBH, the BMWCCA, or Chris Bangle. Just so you know. Optimized for 800x600 resolution or higher

The BMW M3 (E30) 2.5 Sport Evo II has a naturally aspirated four cylinders in line longitudinal front engine providing a maximum torque of 241 Nm available from 4750 rpm and a maximum power outpup of 238 PS available at 7000 rpm transmitted to the 16 inch rear wheels by a manual 5 speed gearbox. if a specification seems to be wrong, please tell u The E30 version of the BMW 3-Series is a relatively compact car: stretching 176.8 inches (4,491 mm) long on a 101.2-inch (2,571 mm) wheelbase, it's only a slightly larger than an early-eighties Honda Accord. Those dimensions keep the E30's weight low and its handling good, although the rear seat is rather cramped Reproduced from the BMW TIS. BMW has developed a completely new 16 valve, four cylinder engine which is ideally suited for the E30 vehicle. The new M42 engine will be found in two new 3-Series models designated the 318i and 318is. This engine follows the tradition of other BMW multi-valve engines in that it provides high performance characteristics with excellent routine driveability BMW has restored a designer's E30 M3, and it is immaculate. Designer Ronnie Fieg gets Munich to take a look at his E30. This is the resul

AJ Hartman Aero Carbon Fiber Roof (BMW E46)Beautiful BMW 1M Coupe Photoshoot Is Your Wallpaper Source2013 BMW E82 1 Series 135is Coupe Review by autoblogCar Floor Mats For Bmw E30 E34 E36 E39 E46 F10 X1 X3 X5 X62014-2017 BMW 4 Series Gran Coupe Sedan Sport Rear Lip Spoiler

BMW E30 M3 prices have gone up significantly in recent years, but regular models can't compare to the ultimate iteration of the series, the Sport Evolution.. It's the Holy Grail for E30. Dyno tested performance for your BMW. Welded seams, stainless steel internal components and tail pipe, aluminized piping, black powder coated finish. TUV approved. 2 year warranty. E30 325i, Twin 76mm round tips P/N 1883782406 E30 325i, DTM tips P/N 1883782466 . Ansa Free Flow Exhaust System BMW 3 Series - Find out the correct alloy wheel fitment, PCD, offset and such specs as bolt pattern, thread size(THD), center bore(CB) for all model years of BMW 3 Series. Choose a model year to begin narrowing down the correct tire siz Rear boot Trunk lid badge for BMW E30 E28 Z3 genuine $ 51. Rear bumper / valance tow hook extension for BMW E30 Early model Mtech 1 $ 75. Rear window louver for E30 $ 499. Silver pinstripe decal / sticker kit for BMW $ 60. Silver stripe decal set for Alpina cars Original $ 479

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